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Free Premium: Top Star Injured, No Direction On Smackdown, ROH Global Wars

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Jinder Mahal

As we reported last week in premium and also reported this week by Dave Meltzer, Jinder Mahal has been battling an injury. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jinder claimed that he is not injured at all and that the reports are just false rumours. Just to clairify - these are not rumours at all and we are not sure why he is covering up his injury.

The update on Neville is that there is no update and it is likely both sides are negotiating terms of a release at this point. Neville is not the only worker that is upset right now but he is very happy about the potential of his release which should be made offical on Friday.

As we have talked about for a few weeks now, Bray Wyatt has not been on WWE television or live events since October 2nd. While the also-absent Bo Dallas has been ill, which would explain HIS absence, this is not the case with Bray. Ring announcer JoJo (Bray's current girlfriend) was also removed from the shows. We will not begin to speculate why both have been gone but it is important to note WWE does not grant workers 3 weeks off with no notice especially during a top-level feud on RAW.

The booking on Smackdown has been short-sighted at best and while we have faith that Brian James will get his team back on the same page, there have been a lot of gaps during the last few weeks including Tye Dillinger being added to the United States Title match at Hell in a Cell solely so AJ Styles could lose the title without being pinned. However, it makes little sense that Styles then jobbed clean to Corbin on the following Smackdown and then on the next week's show, Corbin was dropped down a peg again when he lost to Sin Cara via countout. These gaps continue with the Fashion File promos being advertised to air only to be played weeks later. There is also somehow no current direction for New Day.

WWE is denying that Nia Jax has been given time off, however that narrative simply does not fit with her not going to RAW nor taping Total Divas this week. This situation is touch-and-go but WWE claims she will be on the international tour coming up.

Ricochet posted a countdown clock on Twitter indicating when his no-compete clause from Lucha Underground is expired. As we covered exclusively here on WNW, he will eventually be headed to WWE.

The Global Wars tour was a complete success for Ring of Honor and all four shows were completely sold out. While we do not have the exact gate for the entire tour, we can tell you that Pittsburgh was just under 2000 and Chicago was near 4000 fans in attendance. With the average ticket price to these shows, it is not a far stretch to say gates hit in the near-six figure range, especially with the Chicago show. Now while the Chicago show did have some cheaper seats further back than the other shows, the pricing was still high amd completely driven by what the market dictated. Tickets for the Columbus show and Pittsburgh on the secondary market, which were extremely limited, could not be found for under $100 to get in, with ringside seats over $500.

The venues in Pittsburgh along with Buffalo were similar as it had a second deck over the main area that looked down onto the ring making every seat very desirable. One of the draw backs im the past for larger ROH shows were the absence of bleachers and second tier seating making visibility a challenge. This is one of the isssues when they run in Dearborn/Detroit as it's anywhere from 600-900 people on the floor trying to see over each other. We are assuming this also played a factor in the reason for ROH running the Columbus venue for the tour as opposed to the Detroit market im which they have run successfully for over a decade.

We will give a first hand update of the Global Wars shows tomorrow as there is just so much to cover on all the shows.

The major notes over the 4-day tour was on Night 2 in Pittsburgh. Mark Briscoe dislocated his elbow 1 minute into his tag team match and was taken to the hospital with reports saying he will be out of action for 3 months. Dalton Castle made his return on the final night of the tour surprising Cody to set up their eventual title match. The first non-WWE appearance since his firing did not take long as Ring of Honor ended the final show with a Bullet Club selfie involving Jimmy Jacobs, who appeared in the crowd with a phone to take the picture. Kenny Omega did not bring the NJPW United States Title with him on the tour. Again, we will have much more in the update tomorrow.

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