Friction Between WWE and Top Superstar?


The distrust between Bray Wyatt and WWE continues to grow. Bray was caught very off guard when he was told he was being moved to Raw as he'd just been told the week before he'd be feuding with Orton and regaining the title this summer.

Spoke to someone backstage who is close to Bray who said he didn't lose his cool when finding out about the change of plans like he did when he found out about the WrestleMania finish. He realizes being on Raw is an upgrade. But it continues a pattern of him being told one thing, only for something else to happen.

This shake up is being booked on such short notice, with Vince changing his mind several times throughout the day, that a lot of talent was booked to be at Raw and Smackdown just in case. Who is switching to Smackdown isn't 100% as Vince is still going back and forth on a few guys.

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