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Full Details On The Latest Shake-Up To The Creative Department Of TNA Impact Wrestling - Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Not Consulted, Who Lobbied For The New Hire, Paul Heyman & Kevin Sullivan Contacted, & What The New Hire Will Be Doing In The Company

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As we reported last week, Dave Lagana is headed to TNA Impact Wrestling as the company's Director of Creative Writing.

While the title may sound catchy, I'm told he is not part of the weekly Impact Wrestling TV show and will be working in a different department that will be in charge of the company's expansion plans in India as well as the All Wheels Wrestling project that began taping last summer. Lagana will report directly to Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard.

Sources with knowledge of Lagana's hiring tell me he basically got the job because "everyone approached wasn't interested." I'm told TNA officials once again reached out to Paul Heyman and Kevin Sullivan.

As for the ever changing power struggle in upper TNA management, I'm told neither Hulk Hogan nor Eric Bischoff were consulted before a final decision was made regarding the hiring of Lagana. They were reportedly surprised as sources close to the duo tell me they see Lagana as "kind of a goof." Prichard was in favor of the hiring because he doesn't see Lagana as a threat to his power. Lagana isn't known for being politically-aggressive backstage so was considered a "safe hire."

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