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Full Details On What WWE Officials Thought Of CM Punk vs. Ryback, Details On A Near Mishap That Could Have Been Disastrous, Why The Referee Put On Gloves

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I'm told WWE officials were "very upset" with how CM Punk vs. Ryback came across on TV at Hell in a Cell.

There were plans at one point to involve Brock Lesnar in the match but they were dropped because the company didn't want to burn through an unannounced Lesnar date. The major problem now encountered is there is little followup to Punk vs. Ryback without doing a rematch and they are booked into a corner again.

A near mishap occurred after Punk took Shellshock on the cage as he made sure to roll to the support barriers because the cage wasn't holding well and he was afraid it might give. There was a spot earlier in the match where a chair was slammed into Punk's face and he reportedly was going to juice but lost the gig. This is why referee Brad Maddox put gloves on because he was expecting color from Punk.

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