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Funny Vibrating Briefcase Story, Ambrose's Backstage Standing, Diva Buried

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Chicago, IL…

- The future of the Wyatt Family was a hot topic after the mysterious vignettes that began on Luke Harper. As I mentioned in Ask WNW, it's hard to see how Erick Rowan isn't the odd man out. Bray Wyatt, while cooled on recently, is still considered a priority and there have been discussions about turning him babyface, while the company has clear plans to push Harper. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

- The vibrating Money in the Bank briefcase (when it was backstage with The Authority) was not a rib on Seth Rollins but on one of the Divas. The story making rounds backstage was that over the weekend one of the Divas (no names were given to me) was stopped by TSA when they forgot to take the batteries out of their vibrator. It was in her carry-on and was flagged because of the batteries.

- Here are some words that should make everyone here happy - the push is on for Dean Ambrose. We're told until Triple H and/or Vince McMahon decide otherwise, he is as protected as Seth Rollins. After all the injuries, he's the #2 face on the roster right now.

- Expect to see Adam Rose's Bunny continue to get regular appearances and matches as Vince McMahon thinks it's funny. I wish I had a quarter for every report I've read claiming to know the identity. I'd be a wealthy man.

- Rosa Mendes continues to receive negative marks across the board for her in-ring work. One source commented about how the producers feel there is no reason for her to still be this bad in the ring after being with the company for so long.

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