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Future Of The WWE Network, Backstage Look At Lack Of Star Power, Potential Summerslam Location Plans & Other NXT Notes

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WWE is beginning to further evaluations and results for their strategic plan for the Network moving forward and into 2021. It seems that the tiered model of the WWE Network that we have heard for several years seems to be an idea of the past. Previously the direction was to have the network in 3 different tiers, a free tier as an entry and then adding some other tape libraries to the higher price points.

The direction now is a different approach, WWE would still like to lock in some younger fans and maybe lapsed fans with the free tier. From their they would like to move those free subscribers into rate to paid subscriptions. WWE is still looking to add libraries from other companies to the network, along with original content.

The biggest question in these evaluations will be if raising the price of the network or selling their big 4 PPV's to another over the top service is best financially and long term. 

As we have noticed WWE has continued to look to the past for star power with bigger established names, rather than push new stars. The first response is viewership is down, we have to go back to our proven stars. This has always been the go-to move for Vince McMahon. This time around its a little deeper, Vince feels that the NXT talents that may be super talented in the ring, just isn't cutting it when brought to Raw or Smackdown. Vince is back in the mentality that the bigger talent, size and name are the only ones that will draw money.

Vince also feels they need to do a better job of getting more monsters again. Its a difference of philosophy between Vince and Paul when it comes to wrestling in the future and wrestling during the pandemic. While Paul tends to feel that in ring ability is something he really looks for in NXT, Vince still feels that a bigger look and feel is the most important aspect of a star.

Obviously as we reported over 6 weeks ago one of the original Summerslam ideas was for it to be on a beach and have a Bash at the Beach feel. At the time WWE was hoping to have 1-2k fans socially distanced, however with the way the pandemic has changed they have gone back to the drawing board.

While I expect plans to be finalized this week, do not be shocked to see water in the background in one way or another. If this ends up for whatever reason on a closed set, then all plans completely failed and I would bet against it.

As of today WWE and Rey Mysterio seem to be confident that a deal can get done or was even signed over the last 24 hours. Plans and stories have been discussed as well as the set up with Dominik on RAW.

We have inquired on information on Velveteen Dream, the response by most asked was "ghost", meaning they have not heard a thing in a while in regards to him.

Recently some companies have tried to gather information on Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu contract status. There was rumors out there, however both talent are locked up to MLW contracts until mid 2024.

While viewership for Impact did not go up significantly over the last few weeks, their social media traffic and streams have been up over 16%.

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