Was Goldberg Supposed To Squash Lesnar?, Former WWE Star Trying To Gain Network Access, Backstage At Survivor Series

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- The big news coming out of Survivor Series is Goldberg’s shock win over Brock Lesnar in the main event. It wasn’t so much that Goldberg won, as the result leaked prior to showtime, but it was how it happened. Vince McMahon made the call to do the match in just over one minute and it wasn’t because of an injury. Vince felt like they needed a shock finish that would help reestablish Goldberg as the monster that he was back in his peak in World Championship Wrestling. They’ve been pleased with how Goldberg has looked but they knew they couldn’t rely on his mic work to get him over. After Vince got Goldberg to agree to more dates, he approved the shock finish.

- There was plenty of shock, frustration and outright complaining over the match backstage but that’s not uncommon. Many were overreacting about how that made Brock Lesnar look after ending Undertaker’s streak but Vince felt no one would see it coming and it would generate the most buzz. He didn’t feel one loss would damage Brock and he always relies on the fanbase having a short memory.

- As for how Goldberg fits into the equation, he has been very careful about a return to WWE. One thing he has been adamant for years is that he didn’t want to come back to WWE only to damage his legacy. His failed run in WWE in the early 2000s was seen as a big disappointment and has remained a point of disdain between Goldberg and the McMahons ever since.

- For those thinking the fanbase outright rejected the outcome, you’re wrong. As we noted earlier on the website, the majority of the fanbase was pleased with the outcome. The buzz generated from the finish has blown up more than any WWE pay-per-view in at least the last six months, if not the entire year.

- JBL was ridiculed backstage for continually saying “Raw wins, Raw wins,” happily after Smackdown won.

- Not only did the finish to Goldberg vs. Lesnar generate a buzz for Survivor Series, there was plenty of interest prior to the show. We actually saw a former WWE Superstar Trevor Murdoch asking his friends on Facebook for access to the WWE Network prior to the show.

- Shane McMahon was injured during the Five-on-Five Survivor Series Elimination Match between Team Raw and Team Smackdown. As we reported earlier, Randy Orton broke character to comfort his children who were ringside. We’re told Shane’s injury wasn’t believed to be serious but that he would be evaluated for concussion symptoms.

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