Goldberg Set For Headline Match At Wrestlemania 33?

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There continue to be talks about Bill Goldberg appearing at Wrestlemania 33 next year but they are in the early stages. Goldberg wants to face Brock Lesnar but we all know that Vince McMahon prefers Brock vs. The Rock. Until Vince knows for sure whether he’s got The Rock, he can’t really determine how much interest he has in Goldberg and what Goldberg would be worth.

We are told Goldberg has not saved his money as well as some would assume and WWE feels like he is pretty eager to return, although so far his money demands have been very steep. There is a lot of time between now and Wrestlemania but Goldberg’s asking price would definitely have to come down and WWE feels it will. Although if it turns out that The Rock definitely cannot wrestle at the show, then Goldberg suddenly has a lot more leverage.

Although Goldberg really wants the Brock match, he is willing to return with or without that program and has also picked John Cena and Roman Reigns as guys he would be interested in facing at WWE’s biggest show of the year.

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