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Goldberg's Uncertain WWE Future Complicating Survivor Series Booking

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Rusev and Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg is remaining extremely coy about whether or not he plans to work for WWE again after Survivor Series later this month. WWE officials would like him to at least commit to working Wrestlemania 33 next year but so far, he's only agreed to take the match against Brock Lesnar and see how he feels afterwards. Goldberg's stance has put Vince McMahon and his writers in an awkward spot as the assumption is that Brock has to go over, being that he's one of their top stars and locked up for at least another year, but they don't know whether or not to protect Goldberg in the finish at all.

Vince feels confident that he can talk Goldberg into competing at Wrestlemania 33 but Vince is the type of guy that feels like he can get anyone to do anything. Triple H is someone that is more hesitant and prefers a more conservative approach. Back in the summer, when WWE knew they had a chance to get Goldberg for a match against Brock Lesnar, the plan was to do it at Wrestlemania 33. We're unclear exactly why the match was bumped up but it's safe to assume declining viewership and the need for a "big angle" played a part. At one point Vince was considering Undertaker for SummerSlam, which didn't happen, so he's warmed up to using part-time talent at shows other than Wrestlemania. Remember they used Sting at Night of Champions (an non-"big four" show) in September 2015.

There is legitimate concern about the crowd reactions at Survivor Series regarding Lesnar vs. Goldberg. WWE desperately wants Goldberg as the babyface and Lesnar as the heel but it hasn't gone according to plan. One would also think there is legitimate concern regarding how well Goldberg will look in a match as he displayed a lot of ring rust when he did the spots with Rusev on Raw. Goldberg has not been actively training in the ring but has remained in good shape for the opportunity.

At this point in addition to Goldberg being non-committal and crowd reactions not going to plan, the Survivor Series main event has become quite the headache behind the scenes.

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