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Growing Divide Between Vince McMahon & Triple H - Details On How Their Relationship Has Grown Noticeably More Contentious, Where They Disagree, How Hunter Is Trying To Use NXT To Prove His Points

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One of the main stories we've been following over the past couple of weeks is the growing divide between Vince McMahon and Triple H. It's been a lot of little things, but people are noticing that their relationship has grown noticeably more contentious.

Let's start with a silly example that I mentioned Sunday night on Twitter. The angle where El Torito got his tail pulled off and it was sold as a big thing. Complete nonsense that made the announcers look ridiculous. We're told when it was pitched, Vince "loved it" and thought it was hilarious. The writers know Vince loves anything involving somebody's ass.

We're told Triple H was "100% against it" and tried to talk Vince out it. Obviously, we saw who won that.

A larger example is the formatting of the show.

Vince wants to continue to do the top acts on Raw at 8, 9, 10 and 11, while Hunter feels the fans are starting to figure this out and the show has long stretches where nothing important happens. Triple H wants to focus on creating and building more young acts so they have enough talent to spread around the bigger segments instead of it being so predictable.

While Vince has slowly handed over a lot of the business aspects to Hunter, he's still wielding his power in terms of creative, especially on Raw.

Triple H wants a more serious and wrestling-focused product and the more resistant Vince has been to handing over the creative reigns to Hunter, the more Hunter has been focused on making NXT the strongest product possible and trying to show Vince that some of the changes he wants to make are working great in NXT and need to be applied to the bigger shows.

We're told Triple H "took a lot of satisfaction" in how NXT Takeover was received and kind of had a "top this" attitude with Vince heading into WWE Payback this weekend.

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