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Growing Frustration Backstage with Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon

There is growing frustration backstage with the writers and some officials in upper management, and recently the marketing team has joined in this frustration.

In the past, there have been times when writers get upset and frustrated with last minute changes of plans and rewrites. That is now the norm backstage. This, however, is not what is causing the rocky relationships with upper management. Some of the officials and almost all of the writers are struggling with being kept in the dark and even occasionally being "worked" by upper management when it comes to outcomes of matches and storylines.

The current level of secrecy started during WrestleMania weekend and the week leading up to WrestleMania. The team was told to come up with storylines for a backup for Shane McMahon, in case he couldn't wrestle at WrestleMania. There were conflicting reports about Shane's health leading into WrestleMania, but we can confirm now is that Shane was never in jeopardy to miss Wrestlemania. We stated, when this originally was announced, to watch out for this being a work. One thing that was evident by past WWE medical information is that if it is storyline based injury WWE will go out of their way with details of the exact injury. If the injury is legitimate WWE very rarely gives much detail at all, if any. Regardless, WWE upper management still worked the creative team, hinting he might legitimately be injured.

The team was also told on the very same show that Roman Reigns was going to be winning the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar to WrestleMania. The writers had the RAW after WrestleMania written out with Roman as champion, the marketing team had marketing material made with Roman as champion. The writing team and many officials did not know the actual finish to this match until they saw it live with everyone else. Roman's music was even in the queue to be played after the match with fireworks after for Roman. The pyro actually went off for Roman after the show went off the air and music played on the air.

Many staff members were up late into the night Sunday and into the early hours of Monday redoing everything for the RAW after WrestleMania and were not even told if Brock would be there. They were kept in the dark that Roman was to have no physical contact on that show or until the Greatest Royal Rumble Ever for that matter. (We will have more or that tomorrow in premium.)

With employees already fed up with the secrecy and being kept in the dark, they were feeling worn down and unhappy that they weren't trusted to do their job and keep it quiet. As result, they had to work extra time that they felt was due to unnecessary precautions. This continued at The Greatest Royal Rumble. Staff was told and had the green light with marketing materials, as well as booking of Roman becoming the Heavyweight Champion in the cage match against Lesnar. On Wednesday, Vince made the call that it wasn't the right time and because the show is in the morning/afternoon in America that no titles would change hands. While the call was made on Wednesday many writers were not even told about the change of the main event until the day of the show. They were filled in with the rest of the updated plans for the show and could assume based on the booking that the main could also change. Their job is not to assume, they are supposed to be part of the team putting on the show, not the team being worked.

Vince has been more concerned lately with information being leaked in regards to storylines and results, and it's one of those Vince McMahon kicks that he goes hard for something for a few months and them backs off. At this point, however, the staff is finding it more difficult than ever to do their job.

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