What Happened With TNA Wrestling And Billy Corgan That Resulted In A Lawsuit

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Billy Corgan & Dixie Carter

While this should go without saying, there is a lot of drama behind the scenes in TNA Wrestling right now. To the point of being ridiculous. Aeroluxe and the Fight Network are owed between three and four million dollars, depending on whether you ask them or whether you ask Dixie Carter. So it’s not just a question of them being owed a ton of money, the two sides can’t even agree on how much is owed.

Billy Corgan was willing to pay off the debt in order to assume control of TNA but Dixie recently had a change of heart and decided she was not willing to give up control yet and would rather take things into bankruptcy rather than have to sell the company just to pay off Aeroluxe and the Fight Network and then end up with nothing for herself.

The entire roster was told they would be receiving checks a week from this past weekend, but almost nobody got one. The last we heard, at least a dozen wrestlers were threatening to quit if they weren’t paid. If TNA can’t come up with the money to pay talent, there are several who have already retained attorneys who plan to declare their contracts have been breached and that they are free agents.

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