Returning WWE Star In The Doghouse With Management, Heat On CM Punk Over Tweets?; Why He Spoiled Monday's Return, WWE Celeb's Claim About Drinking Disputed, Details On WWE Pushing Up The Return Of Paul Heyman

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- While this probably won't surprise anyone, I'm told it's "doom and gloom" for Bloom. Matt Bloom, better known as Lord Tensai, has drawn concern from producers due to his stiff style. However, in what could prove to be a major blow to his push, I'm told members of upper management are growing weary of booking him against top workers.

- WWE management was upset about CM Punk's controversial Tweets earlier this week where he told a follower to "kill yourself" and another to "drink bleach" because it wasn't very "Be-A-Star" like. I asked if there was heat on him for Tweeting a photo of Paul Heyman before he came out and was told the feeling is it was done intentionally to get people talking and tuning in for the segment.

- I spoke with someone close to Rima Fakih today who told me Rima's claim in court today that she didn't have her first drink until she was 23-years-old was a "lie."

- There was talk of Paul Heyman returning on WWE television next week in Pittsburgh but apparently there was concern over him drawing too much of a babyface pop with the crowd so he was used this week in Greensboro.

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