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HHH So Impressed w/NXT Prospect He Orders Extra Attention Be Paid To Them

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We reported a couple of weeks ago here on Premium that Triple H spent an entire day at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. We’re told he had workers do matches and cut promos for him. Hunter spent a lot of time talking with the trainers, going over notes and talking critiques with everyone.

One worker that really got Hunter’s attention was Dylan Mile. He was so impressed he ordered that Mile get extra attention and that his progress be closely tracked. To give you an idea of Mile and his abilities, he once worked a WWE tryout that included Joey Ryan and The Wolves and was the only one signed. He’s 6’3/285 lb. and has a bodybuilder look.

Another issue that Triple H had to deal with was Bill DeMott. DeMott is a lightning rod for controversy and we’re told William Regal complained to Hunter about him. DeMott has been spoken to on numerous occasions about his abrasive nature and usually tones it down after a talk. However, sources indicate those talks usually just result in temporary relief. For now, DeMott is considered to be on the hot seat again.

Other than that, Hunter talked with a lot of talent and trainers and held several meetings.

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