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Where's Zeb?, WWE Releases, Future Of WWE PPVs, New WWE GM & More In Hot News Hotline

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Hot News Hotline for Thursday, August 28, 2014 by Richard Gray
Written transcript available exclusively to WNW Premium Members

- Zeb Colter is still under WWE contract. There were some questions regarding his status after not appearing on television since SummerSlam but he's still employed as of this writing. The word making rounds is that he's dealing with some type of injury that could have occurred in Rusev's post-match beat down at the pay-per-view.

- We've heard at least some of the members of the WWE creative team that were recently released received severance pay. Kevin Eck, known for his work at the Baltimore Sun before getting hired by WWE in 2011, wrote about his on Facebook.

- WWE had to deal without a lot of WWE Network confusion as a result of one of JBL's lines on commentary on this week's episode of Raw. JBL kept stating that every WWE pay-per-view through Royal Rumble would be available for only $9.99, which some took as that pay-per-views would move off the WWE Network. What he was actually saying, was that those that bought at the $9.99/month price with the 6 month commitment would carry them through that pay-per-view. In fact, those that purchased on Monday would have all the pay-per-views from Night of Champions to Elimination Chamber.

- The budget cuts in WWE are still in full effect. One of the promotional elements of this week's episode of NXT on the WWE Network is the naming of a new General Manager. JBL was replaced due to cutbacks as the company felt they could save by not flying him down there when they taped. The hiring freeze also remains and is the reason why some people that were told they were getting signed have not been contacted. As for why talent like Kevin Steen, Fergal Devitt and Kenta were still signed, those deals were completed before the freeze and were seen as imperative in "re-stocking" developmental.

- The first good news in regards to Daniel Bryan has been erased as WWE pulled him from official show listings for their European tour in November. When the listings were posted, some speculated he would appear in a non-wrestling role. It now appears he was simply added by error as he continues to deal with health issues. As we've noted numerous times, Bryan is out indefinitely. It is worth noting that Triple H name-dropped him in this week's kayfabe interview, which could be taken as a positive sign depending on how you look at it.

- Wade Barrett is another worker without a timetable that appeared to be on the European tour but was later pulled. His injury was severe as he underwent a ligament reconstruction in his shoulder, as well as a distal clavicle resection, where the end of the collar bone is shaved off. Ouch!

- While SyFy has updated their schedule to reflect that Smackdown is moving to Thursday nights beginning October 2, 2014, WWE is not yet commenting. I texted with a WWE contact when the news first broke and they were unable to provide me with any comment or confirmation on the move. As I noted in the original report, this was a move that was expected.

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