How Impact Is Trying To Stay Alive


As Impact Wrestling continues to cut costs, talent is being offered contract extensions at a reduced rate, a rate that would go into effect immediately if they sign the extension. So wrestlers are having to decide if they're willing to take a pay cut on the rest of their current deal in order to get some longer term security. The only problem is that nobody really believes the company has any long term security to offer.

Ethan Carter, Moose, Laurel Van Ness and others have declined extensions and plan to depart at the end of their current deals unless the company's financial fortunes turn around and offers improve.

Impact continues to explore options for a new TV deal that would hopefully pay a license fee, but has had no luck so far. POP is willing to continue with the barter arrangement and is well aware that Impact is shopping around for a license fee. POP is confident Impact will ultimately have to resign and they've been unwilling to budge on their refusal to pay for the show.

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