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How Much Is The WrestleMania Set Costing WWE and Why They're Spending So Much On It

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As most everyone at this point has seen the spectacle and monstrosity that is the WrestleMania 33 set, here are some details that may put some clarity on this:

After labor, structure, permits, and supplies, WWE will have invested nearly 5 million dollars into the set. This is by far there most expensive production of a set. Seems odd for them to spend more than usual doesn't it? There is much more to it than that. A few years ago WWE was looking into doing a physical Hall of Fame and fan expo in the Orlando area. Those thoughts from a few years ago maybe becoming into fruition. It's thought by some within the company that WWE is going to reuse some of these WrestleMania set pieces for the Hall of Fame. Odds are if WWE goes through with the plan, the giant globe with the WrestleMania logo (which looks very similar to the Universal logo) would be the center piece of the new building. We have called to get comment from WWE, however, at this point they haven't confirmed or denied these thoughts.

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