Backstage News On How Triple H Pulled Off The Impossible By Getting Bruno Sammartino To Accept WWE's Hall Of Fame Induction, When A Deal Was Finalized, What Vince McMahon Did That Hunter Used As Motivation

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Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

We're told there was a conference call on Saturday night that included Bruno Sammartino, Triple H, Bruno's attorney and WWE's attornies to finalize a deal to get him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. All parties went into the call under the impression if the deal wasn't finished that night, the deal was off as WWE was simply running out of time to adequately promote Bruno's induction.

Nothing was easy, not even the call on Saturday, as Bruno originally had plans he was reluctant to cancel. WWE made it clear they needed to get on the phone and hammer out the minor details of the deal that had been holding things up. Bruno ended up agreeing, much to the relief of Triple H.

Obviously the call ended up being successful but things really came down to the wire. Hunter was confident he could get the deal done and had a lot of extra motivation when Vince McMahon originally thought a deal would be impossible and didn't think Hunter could pull it off. We're told Vince was very impressed that Triple H got the deal done and even a little jealous he was able to do it without much involvement on his end.

Once the deal was finalized, Bruno and Hunter kayfabed everyone on how the conference call went as WWE didn't want the story out until Monday. They allowed for ESPN'sJohn Robinson to interview Bruno and Triple H about the deal to increase the mainstream exposure.

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