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How Vince Feels About the Cruiserweights, Plans for Roman Reigns Heading Into WrestleMania, Plans for the Next Draft, News On Impact Wrestling

Roman Reigns

-Vince is beyond down on the Cruiserweight Division. I’m told if he had a big enough roster for a Monday 3 hour show they would be down to 1 segment. He feels none of them can get over and that the fans don’t care. If we take a look at this there is multiple reasons why the cruiserweight division is not working and lets all be honest it’s not. Why though? Well they never spent any time slowly introducing characters and everyone got lost in the shuffle. Then, when they tried to develop characters it was too late. Their matches do not get enough time to showcase and tell stories, and their style has been toned down greatly. 205 live is filmed in a death spot after SmackDown in front of an audience whom most have been sitting down for over 2 and half hours before it started. Plus, the fans in attendance have already seen the big stars they paid to see and are ready to leave. It’s trying to serve a salad after dessert, most people don’t want it. What worked for the Cruiserweight Classic was the in-ring work and match quality in front of die-hard fans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best thing they can do for the Cruiserweight Division is move 205 live to Full Sail Arena where NXT is held. The fan base there will be much more receptive to the cruiserweights and having a crowd that is made up of “regulars” will do wonders for the crowd reaction. Having big reactions will build fan interest and the division will start to course correct.

-There is at least talk still of turning Roman Reigns heel at WrestleMania vs the Undertaker and, while we all know it’s long overdue, the thought process is more long term and trying to level out the top heels and faces headed into the next draft. If that were the case we’d have the top faces as Rollins, Finn, Nakumura, and Orton and the top heels being Owens, Roman, Braun, AJ, Bray, and Samoa Joe, with Cena and Brock as extra part time faces. One of the issues, however, is the officials aren’t as stubborn about turning AJ face as some may think. They know how over he is and they wouldn’t mind making him the #1 face on a show, if they have to, but are trying to keep him heel as long as they can. As for the actual draft, the plan is not to redraft entire new rosters they would be doing something along the lines of each show having certain number of picks they can take from the other show and NXT, with champions not eligible to be drafted, and each GM can "protect" a certain number of workers. They will be planning out the draft for a while to make sure the rosters are even and they work to maximize fan interest and long term depth on each show

-With Jeff Jarrett back in power at Impact Wrestling, and now bringing Bruce Prichard back to help him run the company, Jeff is also looking to bring in as many wrestlers from Global Force Wrestling as possible. With so many recent departures from Impact, with more still to come, there are going to be several roster spots open. For his own political protection, Jarrett is pushing to fill those spots with friends and GFW talent to make sure he has more guys (and gals) on the roster that are allies and will be loyal to him. He's pushing hard right now for Magnus to be brought back as well as Sonjay Dutt. Sonjay is actually trying to get a job with WWE right now, but if he doesn't get signed by WWE, he's told Jeff he does want to return to Impact Wrestling. Speaking of TNA, Matt Morgan is headed back to TNA as a headliner with the new management. Matt is down to 286 pounds of all muscle and has been working bodybuilding contest.

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