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Unbelievable Details On How Vince McMahon Is Testing John Cena With New Angle Involving AJ Lee; How It Hits Very Close To Home & Involves Real-Life Backstage Drama

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Richard's Backstage Blog

As previously reported here on Premium back in September, there was major tension between John Cena and Vince McMahon over John taking time off. Given the recent spat, and the angle on this week's WWE Raw, a couple of our sources have uncovered more information.

We reluctantly noted here on Richard's Backstage Blog in July that Kelly Kelly was given time off from WWE to avoid having her name come up in Cena's divorce. The two allegedly had an affair while John was still married, so the company protected her by keeping her off the road and allowing her to take outside bookings. When Cena's divorce was settled and after he and Vince had the aforementioned "war of words" over time off, Kelly ended up released.

Vince then decided to push Ryback and formulated the angle that was seen on this week's Raw where AJ Lee was "fired" as the Raw General Manager because she was "fraternizing" with Cena. I'm told this is a direct rib at Cena for the fallout over the problems with Vince and Vince wants to see if John will still be his model employee and go with any angle no matter how close it hits to home.

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