How WWE Plans To Handle Talent Development w/NXT Expanding

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If WWE has their way, by the end of 2017, NXT will be a full time touring brand. A lot of discussions between WWE and WWN (Evolve, FIP, etc.) are taking place but it's still very early and things are moving slow. There is a lot of talk about WWN filling some of the developmental void that will be created if NXT goes on the road full time.

There are a lot of towns in FLorida that NXT (and formerly FCW) have run to get guys experience and if NXT ends up being a third brand like the ECW reboot was, there is talk of having WWN be a place for guys that aren't ready for the NXT tours and with WWE subsidizing some of the costs of WWN in exchange for them running those towns and booking lower tier developmental guys.

As NXT grows, it's no longer really a place for green guys to develop under the radar, so Gabe Sapolsky has been pitching WWE on running a small territory in Florida for the newest/least experienced guys in developmental to keep them working in front of crowds if/when NXT expands and is touring nationally (and internationally) year round.

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