How WWE Resolved Major Issues With Brock Lesnar

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We've continued to find out as much as we can regarding the new WWE contract for Brock Lesnar.

Technically, Vince McMahon did not cave on offering Brock a guarantee for his merchandise, however, Brock will make more on his merchandise under his new multiyear agreement with the company.

A source with direct knowledge of Brock's contract negotiations reports in his last deal, he had bonuses that would kick in if he sold a certain amount of merchandise. WWE didn't market his merchandise enough to give him any chance to ever achieve those bonuses. This is what caused a major issue in contract renegotiations, as Lesnar felt he was intentionally being sabotaged.

Lesnar's new contract pays more and essentially guarantees the money that previously was being dangled as bonuses. So the new deal was a way for both sides to save face as Brock will definitely be earning more now.

If WWE does decide to aggressively merchandise Brock, while they still have to pay his higher royalty, those bonuses would no longer kick in as well since they've been taken out of the new deal in exchange for a higher salary.

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