Huge Update On Four Top TNA Names Looking To Head To WWE; Detailed News On Each One Including The First Chip Most Likely To Fall

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There continues to be a lot of rumors regarding the futures of Ric Flair, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Matt Morgan. I can confirm as of this writing Flair nor any of the aforementioned former TNA names have deals with WWE. TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE has kept a hiring freeze in place and while there is the possibility of WWE back-paying a deal on a handshake with Flair, nothing has been done yet.

I'm told WWE would like to bring Flair back either under a General Manager role or even pair him with an up-and-comer like Dolph Ziggler. The problem with making Flair GM is rather obvious as Vince McMahon never knows what Flair's state of mind is going to be when he shows up and what might come out of his mouth with a live mic. They've tried it before and McMahon was scared every time Flair got the mic.

Alex Shelley's stock continues to skyrocket amongst those in WWE as they look at him as someone who can work hard in the ring and talk on the mic. They are looking for someone to be a "complete package" in terms of heel talent and look at the way guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have worked their way up and see Shelley as the same "student of the business" that can have similar success. Shelley is also hitting the weights hard in order to increase his size and feels he has a better chance of getting pushed right out of the gate if he's more muscular. However, as previously mentioned, no deal is in place.

Chris Sabin has very few obligations left to TNA and due to the face he's expected to be out another eight months, he's likely finished unless they "hold his feet to the fire" in terms of making up appearances due to injuries.

Matt Morgan continues to tell anyone that will listen he's coming to WWE but no deal has been signed.

My source feels Ric Flair is most-likely to be the first chip that falls out of these names heading to WWE.

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