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Huge Update On The Undertaker & Wrestlemania 29 - Details On Why His Health Isn't What Is Keeping Him From Committing To A Match, Why It Remains A Possibility He Won't Work

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There has been a lot of chatter lately about whether or not The Undertaker will wrestle at Wrestlemania 29 this year. Obviously he's pretty banged up and WWE is trying their best to steer the story so the focus remains on Undertaker's health. We're told the hangup is not about health, it's about money. Just like the with Steve Austin, Undertaker is not interested in wrestling for less than main event money.

With a show that already has The Rock and Brock Lesnar in separate matches, Undertaker feels it's not worth wrestling this year if he's going to get "third from the top" type money. He can sit out a year, which only increases his value next year, and perhaps Vince McMahon ponies up the type of cash Undertaker wants for a Wrestlemania match.

Vince and Undertaker are still talking and Taker could end up on the show, but like with Mark Henry not being "healthy" enough to return unless it was in a top spot, we're told Taker isn't coming back unless it's for main event type money. His health issues are genuine, but if the money is right, he'd wrestle anyway.

My source says WWE has been planting stories through third party publications to make sure the public perception isn't that it's a money issue. With Undertaker not the type of person that's going to get involved with the Internet, it's easier for WWE to paint the picture how they wish.

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