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Delicate Situation With Huge WWE Star Leaves A Main Event Push Derailed & Star Threatening Retirement

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The behind-the-scenes drama between WWE and Mark Henry continues. Remember the fiasco regarding his latest medical clearance and unwillingness to return unless he was booked in a desirable spot? The World's Strongest Man even cursed at us over it.

Henry was originally scheduled to go under to Ryback at Wrestlemania 29, which he would not have been happy about, but the finish ended up being switched. However, fast-forward a month later and it's Ryback in the main event at Extreme Rules and Henry back in an undercard program with Sheamus. After all the time spent waiting for creative plans he was satisfied with, just a short time later he is in a lower spot than he was even before he got hurt.

We're told Henry and Sheamus actually get along good, but with Ryback in the main event and Henry feeling like an afterthought, he was not happy. During the chaos of Wrestlemania weekend and Raw the next night there were various scenarios considered, one of which was John Cena vs. Mark Henry at Extreme Rules and another of which was John Cena vs. Mark Henry vs. Ryback at Extreme Rules, so for Henry to end up as the odd man out is something he's very unhappy about.

Even though it's a delicate situation, the office realizes at Henry's age (41), he has the right to pick and choose his spots and if he'd rather stay home if there is not a prominent spot for him, you can't really blame him. He was originally supposed to do a longer program with Sheamus, but asked to just put him over at Extreme Rules and be written out until they had something better for him.

The company doesn't want Mark Henry to retire with the roster really thin right now but when the decision was made to go with Cena and Ryback without Henry confusing the situation, that left them scrambling to come up with something for Henry.

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