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An Inside Look At TNA Wrestling As The Financial Pressure Mounts & A Mass Exodus Takes Place - Are Its Days Numbered? & What The Atmosphere Is Like Backstage

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TNA Wrestling

Many continue to wonder about the state of TNA Wrestling as tough contract re-negotiations take place and more workers choose to leave the company. I put my ear to the wall and have gathered some further prospective.

TNA is by no means "broke" or "out of money," as they still have the complete support of Panda Energy. However, TNA is trying to show less of a hit on the bottom line because the Carter family is not happy with the amount of money the promotion is bleeding. The pressure to cut back is at an all time high with expenses skyrocketing by taping television on the road.

While TNA hasn't made the financial mistakes that were made in the latter days of WCW, some have been just as impactful to the small company (pun intended). What put TNA on the map was they were viewed as an upscale Ring of Honor with a few familiar faces that mainstream fans would recognize. As the company grew, they almost became obsessed with former WWE talent.

One key observer points out there was a time that when any worker was released from WWE you could literally count down the days until they were on TNA television. This same observer points to guys they could have gone without overspending on such as Ken Anderson, Chavo Guerrero, Mike Knox and "many others." TNA could have held their ratings with the people that "brought them to the dance," such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode. The problem is that TNA never found a happy medium.

Guys like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray were great additions and are still bringing money and fans. Even Hulk Hogan has a tremendous name and face but did paying him and Eric Bischoff really make good sense? Our person in the know asks some rhetorical questions.

  • Did anyone learn the Russo stuff doesn't work without a filter above him?
  • Has anyone learned that fans were drawn to TNA as an alternative wrestling program?

Theses are all things being asked as the finger pointing takes place with what is becoming an unsettling backstage atmosphere.

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