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Jeff Hardy Leaving TNA Wrestling For WWE? Full Details On Why He Hasn't Signed A New Contract With The Company Whose World Title He Holds

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The contract of TNA Champion Jeff Hardy is coming up and while he is getting close to a new deal, we're told he hasn't signed yet. Hardy, like many TNA workers with expiring contracts, has little negotiation leverage as WWE is still not an option for any worker leaving TNA or was employed in TNA while Brian Wittenstein worked there.

This all goes back to TNA's lawsuit against WWE which has enacted a hiring freeze where WWE won't even look at talent from TNA. We're told in the case of Hardy, he doesn't want to risk sitting out six months, a year or even longer to see if he can get a new deal with WWE. He and TNA have agreed on money but they are still negotiating the length.

Hardy has agreed to a two year deal but TNA wants an option for a third year (which would be 2 year guaranteed, with years 3 being at TNA's discretion). Hardy has so far resisted the year three option but one observer questioned, what choice does he really have? There is nowhere else to go.

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