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Jerry Lawler's Arrest Delaying New WWE Signing

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Just a few weeks ago, Moose to WWE was looking extremely likely but now everything has changed. While WWE is still very high on him, they’ve soured on bringing him in right now due to sensitivities regarding domestic violence, especially because of the recent arrest of Jerry Lawler. For those not familiar with Moose’s past, you can catch up with this ESPN article from back in 2009 when he was still playing professional football.

Moose may still get a shot down the line, but what was going to be an imminent signing is now being put on hold and may not happen at all. WWE was not aware of the 2009 incident until recently.

It's actually made WWE more interested in Roderick Strong though as WWE is always looking for ways to clip ROH's wings and while they were hopeful of signing two of their more prominent guys, now that they don't want Moose, they want to make sure they at least walk away with one of them.

The issue though is that between ROH & indies, Roderick is making more than the standard NXT offer, so WWE is going to have to decide how far above and beyond they're willing to go for him.

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