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John Cena Confronts Another Top WWE Star Backstage At Raw Supershow For Failing To Protect Their Opponent - Details On Who It Was & Why Cena Not Only Took Issue With Their Work But Response To His Vocal Criticism

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I'm told there was heat on Alberto Del Rio after his "number one contender's match" against Dolph Ziggler on Raw Supershow. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, John Cena approached Del Rio backstage about not protecting Dolph towards the end of the match where Dolph landed on the back of his neck and shoulder on the apron. His beef was that Del Rio didn't protect the move or the fall that Dolph took.

Accompanying Cena was a producer who sternly reminded Del Rio to protect guys on a roll to the outside. Apparently Del Rio brushed off the criticism and upset John even more for not giving him the respect he felt he deserved. I'm told Cena has already been vocal with how guys are acting like they are "too good" and being tough to deal with. My source added the ongoing problems in John's personal life are most-certainly keeping him a little more uptight as well.

Another reason for Cena's vocal displeasure with Del Rio could also have something to do with the fiasco that went down last week with Del Rio threatening to walk. However, it's believed Cena will be having a conversation with the other producers and it's likely this will "go right to Vince McMahon."

As for Ziggler, he was just sore afterwards and wasn't seriously injured but was examined by medical staff backstage.

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