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John Cena & Sting Both Ready And Willing To Face Undertaker At Wrestlemania 32

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Sting & John Cena

Talk of a Brock Lesnar/Undertaker tag team match at Wrestlemania 32 is losing steam as John Cena wants to rush back for Wrestlemania 32 and face Undertaker in a singles match as originally planned. Sting has also indicated that he has one more match in him.

Normally Undertaker's opponent would have been figured out long ago, but the injuries have kept changing things up. Undertaker vs. Sting was the plan, then Sting got hurt and Undertaker vs. Cena became the plan, then Cena got hurt. Then they weren't sure what to do with Undertaker. Now Cena thinks he can do it and Sting thinks he can do it.

We’re told Vince McMahon prefers Sting over Cena simply because it's now or never with Sting and you can always do the Cena match next year instead. Not to mention if Cena gets re-injured in the match, it screws up the rest of the year whereas if Sting gets re-injured, not to sound callous, but it was going to be his last match anyway and wouldn't screw up any plans going forward.

So while Vince has been hesitant about Undertaker working in a singles match, it looks like it’s becoming more likely with two of his original opponents seemingly becoming available again. But I don't think we have to tell anyone, the clock is ticking.

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