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Kenny Omega To Remain Top NJPW Star Or Headed To WWE Next Year?

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Kenny Omega

New Japan Pro Wrestling is strapping the rocket pack to Kenny Omega in a major way and pressuring him to extend his contract as his current deal would allow for him to leave at the end of January.

WWE is continuing through third party channels to get word to Omega to not opt in, as WWE intends to to beat New Japan’s offer. NJPW has a choice right now to assume he’s going to leave and start jobbing him out, or treat him so well that he won’t want to leave. They’ve obviously gone with the second option, which is why he won the G1.

New Japan has lost so many top guys to WWE recently that Omega has kind of become a pawn in a standoff between NJPW and WWE, which is a sweet spot for him to be in as the feud between the two companies continues.

Right now Kenny is telling friends he doesn't want to rush his decision and no matter how much he's pushed or if he's threatened with a de-push, he wants to become a free agent and see what everybody's best offer is for him.

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