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Exclusive Update On KENTA To WWE & What Triple H Thought Of His Brief Visit To The WWE Performance Center; New Name Contacted For Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

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Latest On KENTA To WWE

Triple H paid "extra attention" to KENTA'svisit to the WWE Performance Center a couple weeks ago. We're told Hunter was impressed with his skills but after feeling so burned by the effort put into Mistico (the original Sin Cara), only for him to be a "bust over and over," Triple H isn't eager to get behind another international sensation. However, unlike Mistico, who was known for having a big head, KENTA is known for his humility and is well-liked. Daniel Bryan reportedly put in a good word for him based on working together in the Ring of Honor/Pro Wrestling NOAH days. It's unknown with KENTA will get a contract offer [from WWE] but our source said Triple H was leaning towards "no" as of press time.

Who WWE Has Contacted About Hall Of Fame

We are able to confirm that WWE has contacted Scott Hall about a possible Hall of Fame induction but that's all we have as of this writing. The position within WWE on Hall has changed tremendously since he cleaned himself up with Diamond Dallas Page.

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