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Lack Of Opponents For Brock Lesnar Causing Major Change Of Opinion?

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Kurt Angle's contract with TNA Wrestling expires on September 21, 2014 and there continues to be a lot of speculation regarding his future. One thing that has become increasingly clear is the likelihood of him re-signing with TNA seems very slim. Angle has publicly stated he would be open to a WWE return and wants to explore his options.

In speaking with WWE sources, the feeling is they would not be interested in Angle as an in-ring performer. In fact, I was told recently the only role for Angle in WWE would be as a trainer in developmental (stemming from issues with his health and the fact the two parties parted on bad terms). However, there has been some change in opinion.

I'm told some people within WWE -- including Vince McMahon -- are not completely opposed to Angle returning to the ring. Apparently the change in position has to do with the need for someone to go right after Brock Lesnar and the fact there's no one to program him with after John Cena. The logic behind a potential Lesnar/Angle program would be he's an Olympic Gold Medalist and fans will buy that he has a chance and they have nothing to lose by putting Brock over him.

However, any contract for Angle to return to the ring in WWE would be contingent on him passing a physical. That would only be the short-term question as the long-term question would be, would he be able to "survive" a program with Brock to have any type of program after that?

Another point to consider is that WWE has never been overly enthusiastic about taking a talent straight from TNA and putting them back on television. That would be another issue but apparently it's legitimately being considered as Vince McMahon is reportedly very frustrated about not having a top babyface to program with Brock Lesnar.

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