Large Amounts of Backstage News On WrestleMania Including Update For Rollins, Strowman, Ronda Rousey, and More

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The ever-changing booking plans on the road to WrestleMania continues.

-Rollins being added to the Elimination Chamber qualifying match and, eventually, the Chamber was a call that was not finalized until Monday prior to the final write.

-There are so many issues right now with the booking and it is all currently due to one match. That is the Ronda Rousey match at WrestleMania. As we discussed before (not trying to beat a dead horse) it is holding up plans everywhere. If WWE cannot land the Rock and we should have an update later this week in regards to his meeting with WWE, then WWE will move to plans B, C, or D, which involves moving other matches. What once was an option seems to be one of the least likely at this point; Having Angle team with Ronda to take on Steph and Hunter. Why has this become unlikely at this point? Well, WWE really messed up the in-ring return of Angle. First, with the Shield and then during Survivor Series. His return should have been a high profile singles match at a major PPV with a payoff. At this point, WWE does not see Angle as a big enough match. Originally, if they could not land the Rock they were going to go with Angle and Ronda and build it as WWE's only Olympic gold medalist and former UFC Women's champion. Braun's name continues to be mentioned as they feel it will help Ronda over as a face in the match and it would play off the Triple H storyline from Survivor Series. The other option here, which I do not feel they will actually go with, is that an outside star or a returning name will team with her, names such as Batista and Lashley were mentioned. Again, I do not see going with those last options unless they have to.

This, however, is holding up the WrestleMania plans for Braun. An Intercontinental title match with Miz was discussed, however, with Jordan now out they could put Rollins in that slot. With less than 2 months until WrestleMania, I can not in recent memory seen so much talent without directions moving into the biggest event of the year.

-On the subject of Ronda WWE is fully aware of the Booing and the crowd reactions and know they will have to book her very carefully and continue to develop into the WWE version of Ronda.

-Speaking of WrestleMania Jeff Hardy is still on pace with his recovery to be part of the show. Hardy is recovering from a torn rotator cuff surgery. A surgery which took place on Oct. 3rd. I felt when it happened that being in a match for WrestleMania was very optimistic, however, the 3-4 month mark during recovery from that surgery is always the most telling.

-While we discussed previously the planned Shane McMahon and "a partner" vs. Sami and Owens at WrestleMania, this is another situation in which WWE has many ideas and just as many directions. Just too many as they also have not finalized a plan for that match, either. As a matter of fact, the only Smackdown WrestleMania match that is finalized is AJ vs. Nakamura, everything else on the show is up in the air at this point.

-Crews was a little banged up after his match on Raw, it is nothing serious just was seen with heavy ice after.

-WWE was very impressed with independent wrestler Austin White aka Theory during his tryout this past weekend at the performance center. Austin will not even turn 21 until August 3rd. WWE does not like signing talent prior to the age of 21, yet they do make some exceptions. Austin is also a bodybuilder and a physical specimen who has not even finished growing into his body. This will be a name you likely see with WWE downline if he is not signed due to his age now.

-In addition to a follow up to The Rock's meeting with WWE, Thomas Fenton will have more news on WWE's Rights deal and some interesting developments, along with what Indy stars WWE has their eye on and news how Ring of Honors new streaming service is doing. All this week and more only here on Wrestling News World Premium.

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