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Latest On Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE

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Hulk Hogan

There is a good chance that Hulk Hogan returns to WWE some time next year. His face popping back up on WWE promotional material is not by accident as Vince McMahon wants to see how he’s received by the public.

We’re told there has been contact between Vince and Hogan about restoring their working relationship that ended abruptly last year when Hogan’s racist tirade was leaked online. In fact, we’re told Hogan is already receiving checks from the company and there are plans to use him for licensing and merchandising opportunities moving forward.

What is happening now is seen as more or less a trial run before Hogan is brought back in any official capacity. Even then, Vince wants to see how people react before committing too far in fear of public backlash. Also, let us be clear that so far, this is not for Hogan to make a return as a on-screen character but more to be used to market the WWE Network to lapsed fans and other conditions WWE feels the Hogan brand could benefit them.

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