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Latest On Daniel Bryan's Future - Does He Still Want To Work?

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There was a lot of talk behind the scenes over Wrestlemania 32 weekend about what is going on with Daniel Bryan.

Bryan is still trying to get out of his WWE contract and is interested in going to New Japan Wrestling and knows there is mutual interest. However, not only does WWE not want to let him out of his deal, but his wife, Brie Bella, doesn’t want him to wrestle ever again. Not only that but sources close to Brie claim she herself wanted to step away from the ring to avoid picking up a serious injury.

The plan was to spin things that Brie was simply taking time off to start a family, which is absolutely true, but Brie has become increasingly worried about her own health given the injury situations with Bryan and her sister Nikki.

Bryan still wants to wrestle and as we all know, has been pulled off WWE shows where he was scheduled to appear. But not only does he not have WWE’s blessing to wrestle again but his wife doesn’t want him doing it either.

Richard Reacts: This is a fascinating story and we’ll certainly be following to see what happens. Bryan will tell everyone — publicly and privately — the only thing he’s ever wanted to do in his entire life is wrestle. But his injury situation has made it extremely complicated. Given the fact he’s still seen as a star in his prime, there are companies, such as NJPW, willing to pay a premium for him to wrestle. As for Brie's future, she's already backing away from retirement. So, stay tuned.

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