Latest On Global Force Wrestling Landing US TV Deal

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Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling is still trying to figure out a paying deal for television in the United States. They’re talking with a few networks but nothing is close in terms of a paying deal. As a contingency plan, they have talked with POP TV, which currently airs Paragon Pro Wrestling. Paragon pays for their time slot. POP would be willing to air Global Force on a deal where Global Force would retain a percentage of the ad inventory which they can then try to go out and sell.

So far, GFW has been stalling on the POP deal as it's really a worst case scenario where if they've got TV overseas and are producing the shows anyway, they might as well have them airing in the US, but until they've exhausted all hope of finding a paying deal, POP will remain on the back burner. One of the biggest reasons it’s been so hard for GFW to find a paying deal in the United States is because it’s an unproven product.

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