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Latest Plans For Survivor Series, One Top Star Turning Heel For Sure, WWE Trying To Offset Loss Of Seth Rollins

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Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

- The reason WWE opted to go with The Brothers of Destruction versus two members of The Wyatt Family has to due with massive indecisiveness. We’ve noted the writers were going back and forth, with Finn Balor’s name being linked to be added to the team of Kane and The Undertaker but now it’s 2 on 2. The problem is obvious in that there is no payoff. Without using the match to highlight Balor and Wyatt, they’re in a bad spot. Undertaker can’t lose again, none of The Wyatts need to be shouldering the mat at this stage, so perhaps Kane does the honors? Just a real mess.

- Plans for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (and the word tournament was in quotations when I received this information) were not finalized until the Raw script was complete. The concern is the bracket just doesn’t feature enough talent that could conceivably be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, some fans will be happy to hear Cesaro and Kevin Owens are still in the midst of planned pushes. There was a lot of complaining backstage about the tournament but one must remember this is a contingency plan that was birthed after the injury to Seth Rollins.

- The new plan has either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns going heel at the end of the bracket. Vince McMahon has pushed back hard on anyone that mentions Reigns turning heel but I believe that most feel it is the right move. I have some more on this I’ll run later in the week but for now, we can report with confidence a heel turn from one of the two is being discussed.

- A lot of phone calls were made to past talent over the last 7 days to try and get some star power to help offset the loss of Seth Rollins. The names are very obvious and include The Rock as well as trying to get Brock Lesnar on more shows.

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