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Latest WM33 Plans For Lesnar, Undertaker & Shane McMahon

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Wrestlemania 33

We’ve been asked to update plans for Wrestlemania 33, which we will do gladly. The current match plans are as follows:

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar: This has been the plan since June 2016, a story we proudly broke before the TMZ publication leaked the talks between Goldberg and WWE to the mainstream, a couple months later. When Goldberg first agreed to come back, they hot-shotted things to Survivor Series because the company was in need of a bump. Goldberg was adamant that he would not agree to anything beyond the one match. However, Vince worked his magic and got him to agree to more dates shortly before the pay-per-view and booked Goldberg over Brock Lesnar in a squash match. Goldberg was happy that he was going to be protected and not be exposed in an actual bout. Brock had a similar reaction as he’ll do what he’s told when he’s told and was ecstatic to collect PPV revenue without actually wrestling. This feud will continue this month at the Royal Rumble and is expected to end with a main event at Wrestlemania 33. We’d be shocked if Brock Lesnar didn’t end up going over but the way Vince has played this, nothing can be ruled out.

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H: Rollins would have faced Hunter at Wrestlemania 32 last year had it not been for his knee injury suffered in November 2015. While creative plans continue to change, this is something they want to come back to and it’s been written in pencil for the plans this year.

Undertaker vs. John Cena: Cena vs. Undertaker is a big match Vince McMahon has been gun-ho on over the course of the last year. While there was a point last year when WWE and Undertaker weren’t talking, Shane McMahon traveled to Undertaker and they worked things out for a return. He’s going to be back and this program is expected to be green-lit. Cena is already being asked about it in media interviews and isn’t shying away from the fact that he wants the match.

Shane McMahon could wind up on the card. Shane actually pitched himself to face Brock Lesnar but that’s just not going to happen so as long as Goldberg is on the roster, which he has agreed to work Wrestlemania. Vince knows that he can trust his son to put on an entertaining match at the biggest event of the year and there may be another opportunity for him to do that. It just won't be against Goldberg

The Rock will probably not be wrestling at Wrestlemania 33 but a celebrity tie-in angle involving the upcoming The Fate of the Furious movie remains a possibility. We can confirm there have been discussions about this and it’s not completely ‘media driven’ in doing something between Rock and Vin Diesel. Having written that, nothing is official.

Wrestlemania 33 will take place on Sunday, April 2, 2017 from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. We’ll have complete coverage here at


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