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Lesnar Re-Signing w/WWE Or Headed To UFC?, Future Of The Authority, Return Of Mr. McMahon

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WWE has been in the process of opening negotiations with Brock Lesnar to extend his contract, Wrestling News World can confirm. As things currently stand, Lesnar’s Performer’s Contract with WWE expires after Wrestlemania 31 next March.

According to sources close to Lesnar, he doesn’t want to consider an extension yet. As a result, it’s making things tricky for WWE because of how he’s booked going forward is going to largely defend on whether he’s returning to UFC after Wrestlemania.

Whether Brock returns for TLC next month or Royal Rumble in January is still up in the air and a lot of the main event booking is “by the seat of the pants” kind of thing right now. The last-minute changes and stipulations to the Survivor Series main event shows just how fluid the booking is right now.

As of early this week, WWE was still unsure of the TLC main event and had not yet agreed on a finish for Survivor Series. Vince McMahon wants The Authority off TV for a while and has talked about putting his Mr. McMahon character back on TV. We’re told Vince has even complained to some internally that if he’d have been pushing the Network on TV every week, subscriber numbers would be higher.

The drama between Vince and Triple H is still brewing but one observer described it as being more passive aggressive lately. There have been no big blowups backstage or anything that would make the dissension obvious to the roster.

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