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Updated Details On Brock Lesnar's Future In WWE & The PPV He's Expected To Work After SummerSlam; Latest On Wrestlemania XXIX Plans Including The Main Event Vince McMahon Is Leaning Towards Even Though Another Combination Has The Potential To Be The Highe

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Richard's Backstage Blog

The feeling in WWE is that Brock Lesnar will "most-likely" work Survivor Series in November as he has plenty of dates left on his contract and with The Rock confirmed for Royal Rumble, showcasing them both may be overkill.

There is still a shot the company does The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXIX next year, however, Vince McMahon is still leaning towards doing Rock vs. John Cena again. Some in the company feel it would be extremely hard to build Rock vs. Brock given the part-time nature of both even though there are those that feel the match could be the highest grossing bout ever.

Should WWE opt to go with Brock vs. Rock at Wrestlemania, Cena would likely challenge The Undertaker for "the streak."

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