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Lesnar's Possible UFC Return, Bayley Injury Update, Which Division Vince is Building, Update on The Broken Gimmick


- With all the talk of Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones going main stream, WWE put in the SummerSlam storyline stipulation for that reason. WWE is preparing as if the fight will happen in December or January, not later, which is yet to be determined.

- Bayley was banged up after her match and it was later found out she injured her shoulder. She'll likely be out 3-6 months realistically and 2-4 months optimistically. The spot came when Nia dropped Bayley on her shoulder.

- Speaking of Brock, Vince already has a pay off in mind for WrestleMania if the stars line up for Brock to work next year.

- Vince has very much changed his tune on Samoa Joe. Whether Joe wins the belt at SummerSlam is still unknown, however, Vince does see him as a star at this point and not just a midcard guy like he did before.

- If you haven't noticed on TV, Vince is back on his bi-yearly tag team kick, especially on Raw. This is also due to not having enough room at the top of the card, which is why Ambrose and Rollins have been currently teamed.

- Rumors are circulating that Global Force Wrestling was denied all 7 related Broken Hardy trademarks that they applied for and got the notice back some time in the last 48 hours. I currently do not have any other independent information or confirmation on this or the mess it has turned into.

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