*Live* Richard Reacts To WWE Hell In A Cell 2015

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Welcome to Richard Reacts to WWE Hell in a Cell 2015! If you need to get caught up on results, you can read our exclusive coverage at this link. Brooks Oglesby recapped the Kickoff at this link. Below are my reactions as the show airs in real time.


The outcome: Alberto Del Rio blocked the Attitude Adjustment with a Backstabber and kicked Cena in the side of the head to pin him and win the WWE United States Championship.

Pass or fail?:Pass. The return of Alberto Del Rio didn't leak, so WWE was able to execute a legitimate surprise. It's a hard thing to do in 2015 and even though we've been all over the company bringing him back, we didn't have a date. Now we know.

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Analysis: Zeb Colter returned in a motorized scooter to answer John Cena's open challenge. He introduced Alberto Del Rio as Cena's challenger for the WWE United States Championship. We wrote on WWE's interest in bringing back Del Rio here on WNW Premium back on October 19, 2015. It looks like he WON'T be on Season 2 of Lucha Underground, something we noted he wasn't confirmed to take part in. The match itself was fine, the crowd wasn't as hot as I would have liked. WWE is determined to have a top Latin star, a void they haven't filled since the departure of Rey Mysterio. John Cena is now set for time off and the company will hope this will help them reboot on Del Rio. People will be disappointed because they hoped for Daniel Bryan or a hot NXT prospect but you should never base your reaction to a pay-per-view based on someone not advertised to appear. I give WWE kudos for pulling off Del Rio's return as a surprise and believe it was fine for what it was. BRAY WYATT VS. ROMAN REIGNS IN HELL IN A CELLThe outcome: Roman Reigns finally speared Bray Wyatt in the ring and pinned him for the three count victory after an intense physical encounter with multiple table bumps. Pass or fail?:Pass. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns had to follow a surprise return with a title change and work a match that was going to be overshadowed no matter what with Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. They passed with flying colors. The crowd loved it and the bout got over like rover. Analysis: The match had a big table bump with Bray Wyatt thrashing Roman through it. They were physical, working stiff and using kendo sticks. The only thing I felt myself constantly distracted with in the bout is that both Wyatt and Reigns are still mid-carders in quarter four of 2015, they should be top stars by now. The card position of either did impact their work rate. Both worked hard and the crowd appreciated it. There was a great sequence when Roman blocked Sister Abigail and hit the Superman punch for a near fall. Bray went through another table off a spear attempt. The crowd chanted "this is awesome" at several points. As stated above, they really answered the call in this one. They had every reason to mail it in but put on a dandy. You must go back and watch this match if you missed it. Click here to load (if not loaded)

THE NEW DAY VS. THE DUDLEY BOYS FOR THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPThe outcome: Kofi Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise on Bubba Ray Dudley, which allowed him to get the pinfall victory and retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Big E hit Bubba with a trombone, which allowed for Kofi to hit his finisher on him when he was selling. Click here to load (if not loaded)

Pass or fail?:Pass. While I'm surprised they didn't do a title change, this was just a fun mid-card tag team match.

Analysis: The storyline was that Xavier Woods was beat up from the attack of The Dudley Boyz so he was "in the hospital," when in fact he missed the pay-per-view because he got married over the weekend. The match was fun but standard. As stated above, we've been expecting a title change, so I am surprised it didn't happen tonight. There was nothing to write home about here, with New Day playing heels. From Kofi trying to get Bubba Ray disqualified by selling to the referee like he hit him with a trombone to Big E actually using it on Bubba Ray. The crowd loves New Day and it's like the Dudleys never left. I still think Bully Ray as a top singles performer would work in WWE but they're intent on leaving them together as a tag team.


The outcome: Nikki Bella tapped out in the Figure Eight, giving Charlotte the victory to retain the WWE Divas Championship

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Pass or fail?:Pass. The Divas Revolution continues with another great Divas match with Charlotte and Nikki Bella. Charlotte is in unchartered waters and is one talent I'm really looked forward to following. Analysis: Charlotte had an incredible counter on Nikki Bella on the top rope and followed it up with a spear. The announcers called it her best work to date when showing the replay and it really was that good. Nikki hit an Alabama Slam on Charlotte on the outside and it looked like she racked her head off the side of the ring. Hopefully she didn't get hurt there, they teased Nikki tweaked her knee. It wasn't the best Divas match of the year or anything even in that category but it was good and better than anything you would have seen from WWE Divas prior to 2015. Charlotte is changing things for the better in WWE. Click here to load (if not loaded)


The outcome: Seth Rollins hit the Pedigree on Kane, pinning him afterwards and retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Per the stipulation, Corporate Kane is "fired."

Pass or fail?:Pass. Kane was a reliable veteran used to bolster the title reign of Seth Rollins, nothing more, nothing less.

Analysis: Rollins went high risk, flipping over the ropes onto Kane in a spot that showcased his diversity and athleticism. I'll include the spot below:

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Kane is a reliable veteran capable of these type of matches, even at age 48. The issue I have with it is there are so many others I would like to see get the opportunity. I mentioned earlier about being distracted by Wyatt and Roman being mid-carders and this reinforces that sentiment. Kane carried his own here, his character has plenty of mystique left but at the end of the day, WWE is going to have to trust in their deep talent roster. There was a spot in this one where Rollins powerbombed Kane onto the Spanish announce table and it didn't break: Click here to load (if not loaded)

That was awkward. Other than that, there were some notable spots but this was an undercard WWE World Heavyweight Championship match used to bolster the reign of Rollins. No one expected a change and they didn't get one.


The outcome: Kevin Owens hit the Pop-up powerbomb and pinned Ryback to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Pass or fail?:Pass. This was a forgettable undercard match to give Kevin Owens a pay-per-view win. The reason it passes is Owens needs these type of victories if he's ever going to inch his way up the card.

Analysis: I stated it on social media, Ryback is great where he's currently working but Kevin Owens could be a top guy if Vince McMahon and the WWE brass ever got over their coveted "look." Someone has to do the honors and Ryback wasn't hurt by doing them. Fight Owens, fight!


The outcome: Brock Lesnar finally hit the F5, pinning The Undertaker clean and cementing his legacy.

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Pass or fail?:Pass. This was an incredible Hell in a Cell match, everything you could ever want or expect. It's exactly what a Hell in a Match should be and completely lived up to expectations. Analysis: Michael Cole stated this was "the last time ever" so this Hell in a Cell match was and is a blowoff match. Brock had color fairly quickly, bleeding from a cut to his head; Undertaker followed. We see a lot of dry Hell in a Cell matches in 2015 but given this was the "final chapter" between these two, this wasn't going to be one of them. Incredibly physical, chair shots to the head, stiff bump with the steel ring stairs, everything you would expect. It was also a little cringe-worthy when considering Undertaker's age and what happened to Sting last month (we knew this would happen). But let's not get it twisted, this was an incredible bout with Undertaker showing he is indeed immortal. He's old school and of course he passed the torch by "doing the honors." JBL said he went down like a hero should and he's right. After the match, Undertaker was given a loud "thank you Taker" chant from the crowd. At this point I think we can all pretty much agree Undertaker is the greatest of all-time, especially in terms of WWE-only guys. He's given absolutely everything to the fans and left nothing for debate. I have so much respect for him that I don't even know how to properly write it. Thank you Undertaker. Afterwards, The Wyatt Family -- including Luke Harper -- laid out Undertaker and carried him out of the building. This indicates Undertaker isn't finished yet and will be used again, probably at Survivor Series. Click here to load (if not loaded)


WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 was an entertaining show from top to bottom. While WWE has too much weekly television that often features filler content, their pay-per-views have been "on point" lately. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar stole the show and as Sean Hopkins and I just discussed, the match was way better than it had any right to be. I just hope Undertaker is OK as it's clear they plan to do more with him before he calls it a career. If you missed Hell in a Cell, it's worth the three hours.

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