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Long-Time WWE Name Considered To Be On Thin Ice; Details On Their Backstage Heat & The Unreported Tongue-Lashing They Received From Stephanie McMahon

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Remember when WWE redirected the website at the beginning of this month? Apparently fans had been uploading explicit photos to the website (although I am 100% unaware of that functionality) and Stephanie McMahon held an emergency meeting with the website staff.

I'm told the meeting had to do with the website being a disaster and resulted in several playing the "blame game" with no one taking responsibility for the problems. As it turns out, one source with knowledge of the meeting tells me that Joey Styles took a big brunt of the heat. Styles was reportedly given a tongue-lashing by Stephanie for the website and he's now considered to be on "thin ice."

One observer said do not be surprised if Styles ends up parting ways with the company in the coming months. His attitude has been similar to many former ECW talents at the end of their WWE tenures as he's "burned out" and looking for a way out.

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