Lots of Backstage News About WrestleMania; McGregor Appearing? Which Two Former Superstars Might Appear, Ronda Rousey's Status and More!

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- The on again, off again talks between WWE and representatives of Conor McGregor for a possible appearance at WrestleMania next year are officially dead. After months of casual conversation, things got more serious in recent weeks as Vince McMahon has become more focused on getting the special attractions finalized for WrestleMania. With McGregor having just made nine figures for his fight with Floyd Mayweather over the Summer, he's not hurting for cash and WWE and McGregor were so far apart on money that McMahon made the decision last week to move on and everybody has been told to forget about it.

- McMahon has been talking to Batista about a WrestleMania return and those talks are going well. Batista is interested in returning for 3-6 months next year and he's spoken publicly about his desire to work house shows on what he feels would be his final run with the company.

- One opponent for Batista at WrestleMania that has been discussed is Bill Golberg, although Goldberg hasn't been contacted yet about the match. Goldberg does expect to be contacted at some point and has been training for a potential return as he doesn't want to risk working something out on a few months notice and not having enough time to get in the type of shape he was able to get in last time.

- Ronda Rousey is considered a sure thing for WrestleMania and since she is still very close to The Rock, McMahon is hoping he can get The Rock involved with WrestleMania in some way. Since talks ended with McGregor, McMahon has been very fired up about locking in big names for the show, especially since The Undertaker is still out of the picture. Usually he's had a change of heart by this time of year and has shown an inclination to return. With it possibly being the first WrestleMania without The Undertaker in quite some time, The Rock and Batista in particular are being pursued more aggressively than they were last year.

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