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Lots Of Relationships Falling Apart Backstage In GFW?

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GFW IMPACT has had plenty of drama behind the scenes lately, but an incident that took place in another promotion has also caused additional mistrust in GFW. While many were outraged by the actions of Sexy Star in her match with Rosemary in AAA, there have been conspiracy theories in the GFW locker room that Konnan was involved in the planning of the incident, due to past heat he's had with Rosemary and the close relationship he has with Sexy Star.

Konnan is very close to Jeff Jarrett, which has saved him in the past when he's had heat, but with Jarrett losing pretty much all power, Konnan's only leverage is GFW's working relationship with his promotion The Crash, a relationship AAA would like to see come to an end. Thus far, Jarrett had been able to work out a situation where GFW maintained ties to the two rival Mexican organizations, but with Jarrett out of the picture, there's no telling whether a new regime would want to continue to juggle working with two different Mexican promotions that are constantly trying to interfere with each other.

The plot continued to thicken on Saturday as Impact began heavily promoting a non-Orlando, possibly international Bound For Glory location. The BFG logo no longer features "GFW" at the top, but now says "Impact." Additionally, the GFW Twitter page has not tweeted since 9/11. This obviously is in relation to Jarrett's leave of absence.


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