Main Event Plans Changed At Backlash, News On Sami Zayn & Breezango

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- Mid-week, WWE had planned to put the belt on Jinder Mahal, but sometime on Thursday this plan had changed, and they were going to keep the belt on Randy Orton. This prompted WWE to send out some promotional material on Friday indicating that AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens would go on last. Under the original booking, AJ would win the US Title.

Late Saturday into early Sunday morning, officials decided to go ahead with the original plan of putting the belt on Mahal. This change also moved the US Title out of the main event, which then there was no reason to do the a title change as they could go with the count-out finish as that feud was going to continue anyway.

- For those wondering of any other changes: the Sami Zayn/Baron Corbin finish also changed, however this was done to balance the heel and face victories with The Usos, Mahal, Owens, and The Welcoming Committee all going over. Additionally, Zayn was praised for his work in his match and how well it came across

- When Vince McMahon saw the video of Tyler Breeze dressing as the janitorial worker and the outfits/disguises Breeze wore, he liked it and this is why the wardrobe changes happened during the Tag Title match. As you could tell on commentary, "Master of Disguise" mentions were made a few times. Breezango is super over, and the gimmick definitely enhanced Breeze. Here is to hoping their push isn't over.

- There were some people that left the arena after the Owens/Styles match, however ushers moved others around so it would not be noticeable on screen. It was not nearly as dramatic as some made it out to be.

- Officials were happy with the way the main event came across live and on screen. Surprisingly, the crowd did not high-jack the match and gave it a shot.


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