Major Distinction Between The WWE Brands Causing A Rift Amongst The Creative Team, Vince McMahon's Recent Core Focus, Plus Details On The Stressful Chaotic Environment Backstage At Raw Supershow

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WWE is currently in a period where "very little attention" is being paid to Smackdown. This is something that happens every year or two when Vince McMahon becomes so preoccupied with Raw that he starts to "rubber stamp" Smackdown, letting the writing team for the show make the decisions and not offer as much input.

Writing for Smackdown is a much less stressful working environment than Raw because McMahon is micromanaging everything and constantly requesting re-writes for the latter. Often times, Raw is re-written just hours before it goes live on the USA Network.

One of my sources within WWE creative told me that while being a writer on Raw is considered much more prestigious, there is currently some "major jealousy" of the Smackdown writers because they are able to do their jobs lately with very little interference.

My source also noted how McMahon is getting older and doesn't have the energy that he used to have. They told me by the time Tuesday rolls around, McMahon is so tired and warm down he doesn't care to pick the show apart the way he does with Raw.

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