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Major Issue w/WWE Network Impacting Subscriber Count

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There is a significant problem developing in regards to the WWE Network. We’re told WWE’s over the top streaming service is becoming the service of choice for credit card thieves.

For years, hackers and credit card thieves would use Netflix to test stolen credit card numbers to see if they were still active. It was a cheap charge that would often go overlooked and a quick way to test a number online in an untraceable way and find out instantly if the credit card number was any good. Netflix eventually took numerous security precautions to spot this activity quicker and make themselves a less desirable target.

Now, the WWE Network is becoming the “go to service” for many hackers and credit card thieves looking to test credit card numbers to find out if they are valid and working.

The larger banks have been aware of the issue for months and have been trying to keep it quiet, as they usually do in these types of situations. However, they're upset because they feel WWE could be doing more to help prevent this activity. Netflix, Hulu and other similar services have been very proactive upon finding out about the issue and devoted considerable resources to developing methods to try to detect this kind of fraud as quickly as possible.

The banks feel WWE has been dragging their feet because it would be a PR disaster for WWE if investors realized a significant portion of recent boosts to subscriber numbers has been due to these fraudulent accounts.

The hackers and credit card thieves usually move from one service to the next as each service figures out ways to combat the issue. So right now, with WWE Network remaining the preferred service for their scam, there continue to be thousands of dummy accounts created for this purpose, which continue to increase the subscription numbers WWE can tout.

At some point something will have to be done and the criminals will move on to another service, but the banks are not happy that the number of fraudulent WWE Network accounts is continuing to increase. We’ve heard from some of the biggest banks in the United States that fraudulent WWE Network accounts are becoming a major issue.

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