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Major Suitor To Pull Out Of Contention For WWE's Domestic Television Rights? - Latest Update On Negotiations For A New Contract

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The biggest story we've been tracking is WWE's negotiations for a new domestic television agreement. While the company just recently announced their exclusive negotiating window with NBCUniversal has expired, they've been talking with other companies since the beginning of February. Other entities were unable to submit formal bids on the company's programming until the "exclusive" period had ended.

WWE rejected NBCU's final offer, which was expected, and is now "out in the marketplace" with all of their television. While much of this is all formalities, a major development has occurred. We're being told that Viacom has had a major shift in their position. According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, there is serious discussion of dropping out of contention for WWE's domestic television rights.

The reason is Viacom knows the amount WWE wanted from NBCU and it was lower than the number WWE had made it known they wanted from Viacom. Viacom reportedly feels WWE has been "toying with them" to put pressure on NBCU. There have been discussions within Viacom about a new direction. We're working on these details and will have them available in the coming days here at

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